The Advantage of Hockey Camps

Unbeknownst to many, “Hockey” is actually a general term that may refer to a variety of sports all played with the distinctive horned stick used by its players. Although the etymology of the term and exact origin of the sport is unknown, traces of similar activities have been discovered in various ancient cultures such as Egypt, Ireland, Ancient Greece, Inner Mongolia, and China.

Aside from being enjoyed by different cultures, Hockey has captured the imagination of varied ages as well. In the countries where the sport is popular, Hockey Camps have been proliferating with the goal of starting youngsters off in this exciting sport. The values and advantages of such activities are indeed numerous. For one, sports activities such as Hockey Camp is the safest and still the most effective way to fight the growing concern of obesity in kids, as well as strengthen their muscles and bodies overall.

Starting kids early in physical activities is also an investment that will benefit them in the long term as studies have shown that kids who consistently engage in sports have been found to have generally lower levels of cholesterol and blood pressure when they grow up.

In terms of Hockey specifically, children who enter Hockey Camps get exposed to the basic skills needed for the sport. As a result, they have a more cerebral approach to the game as they understand the plays and strategy behind it. Also, most camps are a mixture of individuals from different locations and backgrounds. This is extremely important in making kids get used to different personalities and styles of play. Also, by being thrown in with a bunch of strangers who are equally passionate of the game, the child can accurately asses his or her skills in his given age group or level. For the more experienced participants, Hockey Camps still have some value as well. These camps are the most opportune time where advanced players can re-learn their basic skills and improve in the aspects of their game that are not as well developed. Also, training camps are regularly visited, if not conducted, by veteran and high- end coaches who have years of experience and a wealth of wisdom to offer.  Through them, Players are made better as they get a glimpse of the sport from a perspective that they would not normally be privy to. Lastly, perhaps the most valuable aspect of Hockey Camp is that the focus is not in competition but the purity of the game. Here, it is taught that enjoyment and love for the game should be the primary motivation- and from there, everything else follows.

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